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My Testimony

My Testimony

I wrote this Testimony for my baptism which was on the 15th April 2000 Tom's first Birthday
I was brought up in the Chelmsford where mum would take my brother and me to the local Church (Christ Church). There I learnt bible stories in Sunday school and attended cubs. I believe this was a very important time for me, as I grew up I looked back on what I had learnt about the bible and God at that young age.

At the age of seven we moved to (the beautiful valleys of) South Wales. Almost immediately we started attending an Elim Pentecostal Church in Port Talbot. This was a big change from the church in Chelmsford. I got evolved in the church more and started to understand more about what it was all about. As I saw people being baptised and filed with the Holy Sprit I felt a need to become a part of this Christian “THING”. After two visits to the Elm Conference in Bognor Regis I decided to answer a call at the end of a service and was taken aside. There I was helped to say a prayer which made me a Christian “Take One”. I wish becoming a Christian was that easy for me but the devil had some other ideas.

me playing bassAs a teenager a forgot all about the good times I had at church and concentrated on becoming a rock star. From then until the age of twenty-one I rejected the church, I liked it for the fact it made my mum and brother happy but hated the way I was always encouraged to go to church.

That was until my mum took me to Israel, there I met Dawn. I saw in Dawn something I craved, A constant joy in life. I believe this was the first time I really saw God’s Love, Through someone’s actions. Before leaving Israel Dawn helped me say a prayer, I was a Christian “Take Two”.
After getting back from Israel I attended the Salvation Army Corps where Dawn was the Lieutenant. This Corps was the other side of London to where I was living and it became increasingly difficult to so sum up the encouragement to attend. I slowly lost what I had and started looking to stardom again.

In September 1999 I started at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford, at this point I could not have been further from god. Everything you can imagine about the rock and roll life style happened at the academy yet ten times worse. I was loving it! At the end of the year I decided to take my best friend and his girlfriend to Italy to stay in my dads house.

Gethin and me in AssisiIt was fantastic holiday; I took my friends to visit Assisi. As I walked around looking at the paintings of St. Francis I was reminded of the wonderful love I once know. I felt something was missing in my life. I had my friends, I was having a wonderful time but I still was not happy.
One night under a perfect star filled sky and bowed my head and said a prayer. This time I said the prayer, I said it from a part of my heart I had never found before that moment. The gilt of all the years of sinful nature hit my cognisance and I repented and have never looked back. It was a definite case of third time lucky.

I think I am a perfect example of a Thomas; I love to touch things before I believe they are real. Well I didn’t need to touch god I just needed to open up and allow god to touch me.