Beenfishinglately Matt 4:19 have you been fishing lately?


Kinetic typography

I have been looking in to doing some Kinetic typography

Now what is that you my ask?

Well here is an example for you. This is rather advanced and uses images as well as text but is short and I think very good.

Look out for my attempt on the coming weeks.

I still need something to use as text. May well try to find a section of a sermon that has impacted me or something on those lines.

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I’m Married!!

If i had no time to update my site before then....
Will infact Helena is so organsied it has to rub off on my a bit.

Thanks to every one who took part in the Wedding.
There are loads of pics to see on Facebook and some on our wedding website

A special thank you to Life Phototogrphy Wales who took some amazing photos on the day.

You can order prints from them at


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Hi All

I'm not very good at wrighting at the bast of times so bloging has never really been my thing.
Adding to that I don't think anyone relly want to know what I think about things.
So if you have found this blog them please comment and let me know if there is any point my going on :)

God Bless


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