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EditorsKeys – Review

EditorsKeysAs I officially launched my wedding videos business this year I thought I should get a few items to speed the process of editing up. One of these items was a set of EditorsKeys for Premiere Pro.

I have been working with Premiere for many years now and have been teaching it to young people for almost as long. So why is it i need to cover my keyboard in EditorsKeys stickers to tell me what keys to press? well the answer is simple, speed! I would with most of the Abobe suite during the week from Dreamweaver to InDesign and half my week I work on Mac with the other on PCs. this can be extremely confusing when it comes to what shortcut keys to use.

The solution - EditorsKeys

After seeing a friend of mine with a rubber keyboard skin for his Mac I went on the hunt for a PC solution. As all PC keyboards are different they was no overlays around and after seeing many overpriced video editing keyboards I came across the website for EditorsKeys. The simple idea of sticking colour coded labels to my keyboard really appealed to me.

Applying the EditorsKeys

EditorsToolMy main PC gets used all the time for both my own business and my  wife's. This caused a problem when I got a set of EditorsKeys. If I was to put the stickers on my keyboard it would confuse me when doing other work besides video editing let alone what my poor wife would think. the solution came with a passing visit to Morrison’s where I found a Microsoft keyboard in the barging bin for only £7. I got the keyboard home and went to work applying my EditorsKeys. The neat A5 sheet of stickers I had been sent came with a small alcoholic wipe to clean the keys before applying. This is a great idea as sticking things don't tend to stick to where my greasy fingers have been. as I had a new keyboard this was not so necessary.

All the stickers have a small letter or symbol on them so it's almost imposable to get a sticker on the wrong key. The guys at EditorsKeys have kindly marked one corner of the sheet as a EditorsTool. This is meant to help you apply the stickers to the key board without getting your greasy fingers in the way. This worked for the first few but after that I found the stickers would not detach from the corner so I stopped doing it that way and had to revert to using my greasy fingers again.

Have the EditorsKeys helped?

In short yes! I have found I can get around the keyboard far quicker than before and in truth it has taught me a few keys I did not know before. If you have been working with Premiere for year and know your shortcut keys back to front this may not be the product for you but for the cost I think almost anyone could benefit. If you are getting in to video editing and want a fast way to speed up the editing process this I think EditorsKeys could be really beneficial as they have be for me. The stickers are well made and so far have shown no sign of unsticking or fading.

Where to buy EditorsKeys

When I first found EditorsKeys on Google I recall the price being higher than the currently advertised £12.99+vat. I got my set from eBay and not from random seller EditorsKeys themselves sell items there. This seems strange as the items on eBay are a good few pounds lower then there official website (www. At the time or writing this i could not find the Premiere set on eBay but they are still selling many of their products.

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